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Hi, my name is Darlene and I have a question for you.

Are you sick and tired of turning on the television only to hear about this war or that murder? Wouldn't you rather have something to sink your teeth into that will expand your Consciousness? Something that is NOT a religion but another way to learn about how this Universe was built? Something that will keep you coming back for more, and it's not some new or illegal drug that is going around.

And the absolutely BEST part... it won’t cost you a dime!!! Yes, you heard that correctly, it won’t cost you a dime!

"What is this fantastic new thing that you are talking about?"

It's called The Urantia Book. www.urantia.org

They are calling it the next Bible.

"Okay, I'm not into another fly by night religion that is here today and gone tomorrow."

It is NOT a religion nor a cult... It's a Fact! And the fact is, if you are tired of this religion or that religion and are looking for a new way to study and learn, then this is the place to be.

"Really, I'm not sure..."

"Okay, I can understand that, but go check it out. I know you are going to love what you find."

"Okay, where do I find this gem, you are talking about?"


"It's been around since 1955, and now, it's starting to gain momentum. They have a University, study sessions, and a whole host of other things they offer."

Go check it out and give me a buzz if you have questions...

I’m looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Darlene Sartore

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